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Innovate. Think.  Grow.

Have any thoughts in your mind to grow your business? Have any new ideas? We INNOVATE on your THOUGHTS to help you GROW your business.
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360 degree logo solution provider

We are your Single Point of Contact for all your IT requirements

Do you want to get a logo designed or a software built for your organization or marketing for your product/brand/service, we are here to support you. We believe each problem is unique and have customized solutions for each unique problem.

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our recent works

3rascals design module


Website Design / Social Media Marketing
We provide digital promotions, blogs, company promotions, web designing, content writing, web development. Technologies used HTML 5, CSS3.
triton design module


Website Design
We did web design, coding and graphic design. Triton helps in growth of business , investing in companies. Technologies used HTML 5, CSS3.
curemantra design module

Cure mantra

Website Design / Software Development
Provided web designing, web programming, easy accessible with doctors, doctors here will connect you with just one easy step. Hassle free from getting appointments which delays your time. Technologies used HTML 5, CSS3
myidentity design module

My Identity

Website Design / Social Media Marketing / Software Development
Provides web designing, web programming, content writing to the site. This platform provides a solution to digital marketing related problems. An inexpensive way to start your small startup also gives a digital presence to your business. Technologies used HTML 5, CSS3.
indian tea design module

The Indian Chai

Website Design / Social Media Marketing / Software Development
Provided web designing and graphic designing to Indianchai also provide content writing to the site. it sells best authenticated flavoured herbal tea with thousand of flavours and with the goodness of nature. Technologies used HTML 5, CSS3.
videofriday design module

Video Friday

Website Design / Software Development
Provided web designing, coding and provide ongoing support for Video Factory. Technologies used wordpress, html css3.
zigma design module

Zigma Fashion

Website Design / Social Media Marketing
We did website design, website development and provide Zigma with SEO support. Technologies used .Net, HTML, Css3

some of our clients

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Graphic &

Web Design

Designing is not just about collating few elements from the internet together and presenting it to your users. It’s an effective way of communication that tells about your brand to your users and visitors and hook them up to your brand.

Be it your logo, your visiting card, your company brochure or catalog, your brand should have the same communication going through. We design each and every element for your organization.

We specialize in designing websites, mobile applications and e-commerce that are eye-soothing as well as appealing to the end users.

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Customized Software


Each business has a different modus operandi from its competitors and this is the only reason of each business surviving in this competitive market.

We strongly believe in this core and hence also believe that the same software built for a business from one industry cannot satisfy the needs of another business in same industry 100%.

We are a firm believer of incorporating software into business operations and ensuring the learning curve for your existing team is to the minimum. We try to become the pain killers for your organization by implementing customized software and automating processes.

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digital marketing

( SEO. SMM. SME. )

We believe that digital not only marketing helps in promotion once business but also creating a sense of identification, information, awareness of a particular content, through marketing or promotions we help to reach the business to large audiences in a short span of time.

We do marketing focusing specifically on social media and google as it is a growing media. We use Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads, Facebook ads and other social media platform as needed. This process helps growing your business fast with no haste and also reaches a large audience at a time.

our team

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We take our passion for our small business owners seriously. Our team takes pride in providing top-notch clients services. We work together with the clients and making them fully satisfied.
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Nitesh Luharuka
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139 Dum Dum Park Kolkata - 700055, West Bengal
We are here to help and answer any questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you.