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Asset Mantra – Fixed Asset Management Software

An employee spends around 20 hours per month on managing your organization assets and even then there are chances of having errors & issues. Asset Mantra, a Fixed Asset management Software, helps in efficient procuring, managing & tracking the movement of any kind of fixed assets, be it computers, laptops, devices, software, machinery, furniture, electronic goods or any other item that you can think of as an asset within an organization. Asset Mantra helps do the same job in 2-3 hours saving almost 17-18 man hour’s month-on-month. Maintain your assets by giving a quantitative record and enable physical monitoring of your assets. Through use of Asset Mantra, you can do preventive maintenance, save procurement costs and have real time control on your assets.

Centralized Asset Database

All your assets managed and controlled from a centralized repository

Easy To Use

Even the intern joining on 1st day can use it

Unlimited Organizations in one license

Add as many organization as you want.

Data Security

We use highest security standards to protect your data

Hosted in the Cloud

Zero hassles when it comes to maintenance

Highly Flexible

Customize it as per your use.

We are experts when it comes to managing assets

Fully Automated

We believe in doing smart work and let computers do the redundant work via automation processes. That’s why Asset Mantra does a lot of automation for your assets and ease your life.

Super Flexible

We always believe that the software should adapt to the user’s way of working rather than the user adapting to the software. Asset Mantra understands it to the core & is flexible to suit your ways.

Unlimited Companies

Unlimited Branches & Locations

Vendor Management

Asset Procurement

Asset Allocation &Transfer

Asset Maintenance & Disposal

Depreciation Management

Audit Logs

Data Security

Try Asset Mantra- The Asset Master

We strongly believe that a product is not about its features but more about how it can bring efficiency and clear picture to the organization.

Asset Mantra is crafted with this thought. Our team of finest developers work 24/7 tirelessly to ensure you have peace of mind with your assets using these features. The features that makes us unique are more embedded into the system rather than we talking about it. Having said this, few of our outstanding features are listed here.

Scope of Asset Mantra

Be it a one-person company or a fortune 500, we cater it for all.

Asset Mantra is being used by One Person Company to a multi-billion company and in various industries. We provide asset solutions in multiple industries. Some of the prima-facie industries are Healthcare, Education, Hotels, Manufacturing, Government, Constructions, Non Profits, Maintenance, SMEs, SMBs, Corporates & many more.

Unlimited Branches & Locations




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Benefits of Asset Mantra

Upcoming Features Of Asset Mantra

We believe NO product is ever perfect and the needs keep on changing always.

We are working hard to keep on adding new exciting features on to our existing bouquet of premium features. We are committed to bring the necessary and exclusive features to Asset Mantra and make your life easier while managing your assets.

Mobile Apps

Physical Service Reports


Asset Budgeting

Asset Breakup

Multi shift depreciation

Feature You Want!!

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