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5 Common Problems Faced By Garments Industry

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All manufacturing industries deal with various challenges and issues in their product manufacturing processes. The garment industry is not an exception. Like other industries, it has to face everyday challenges while making garments to meet consumers’ demands. It is good to know the problems beforehand so that you can make informed decisions for the improvement of the production process. That is why today we will discuss five common problems that all garment manufacturers face that hamper their product quality and production performance.

1. Raw-Material Issue

Raw materials are essential to the garment industry. Garment manufacturers depend on a great number of suppliers for raw materials across the world. Due to various reasons such as natural disasters, geopolitical instability, manufacturers don’t get raw materials on time. If they get either the quality of the materials is worse or the number is insufficient. As a result, they face issues with material sourcing and shortages.

2. Inventory Management Issue

It is important to get full control and visibility of the inventory to track the stock and the quantity of the order and to understand when the stock needs to be refilled to run the business operations properly. But many garment manufacturers still follow the outdated inventory management method. They make the list of their items with a pen and paper method, use manual processes, track the inventory by entering the information in a spreadsheet. Due to this, they are unable to scale up their inventory management process.

3. Production Delays

Production delays are common in the garment industry. Human errors, inefficiency in the supply chain, slow production, following outdated manufacturing processes, lack of transparency are some of the reasons that the garment industry is still dealing with unnecessary production delays.

4. Order Processing Issue

The garment order passes through a lengthy and unique process in many ways. From preparation to finishing the products to meet quality approvals, there are various challenges that garment manufacturers face in order processing.

5. Garment Defects

Garment defect is another big issue for garment manufacturers. After finishing the product, a number of defects are found on garments like loose buttons, holes, stains, discoloration, inappropriate trimming, poor ironing, loose thread, etc. All these happen due to poor communication, improper cutting, trimming, improper handling of the parts of the garments, etc.

Concluding Note

If you are working in garment production or planning to open your own garment company, you would need an all-in-one solution that can help you to solve these challenges and issues and improve your business productivity and performance. Garments ERP management software is designed to help you overcome these operational challenges.

From planning, manufacturing, order processing to distribution, this robust software can handle all your operational tasks and distribution activities with ease. Get this software to meet the fast-changing needs and demands of the garment industry.

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