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Asset Mantra – Savior of businesses during Covid-19

COVID- 19 is an ongoing pandemic over everywhere the biggest disaster in the history of the world. Just shouting, lamenting and mourning everywhere. Before the novel corona virus, the entire Earth becomes helpless, which makes a great impact on the economy of each country in the world.

So, we can understand what is happening around us and how much the worse the situation is going to be in the coming days in trades and marketing.

In these times we are giving FREE access to Asset Mantra. A Asset Management Software that will help you manage your business in this lockdown.

And in this lockdown period all the business owners can try its service, so that they do not have to suffer any new difficulties for their assets while working from home, which is prevalent as of now.

Be it IT equipment, software, devices or within an organization the Asset Mantra assists in efficient procuring, tracking and managing the movements of assets. The organization can do preventive maintenance, save the procurement costs and many more things through the use of assets tracking software.

A trustworthy system helps business rapidly implements an efficient and gradual code-based asset management system makes the entire action easier to work.

Asset Mantra assists in procuring, managing and tracking the movements of assets like a computer, desktop, laptop, devices, software, machinery, furniture, electronic assets, or any other things.

Let us talk about why you should go for the Asset Mantra

Asset Mantra is a Web-based IT Asset Mantra (ITAM) software that helps to manage and to monitor the assets in the network from the Planning phase to the Disposal phase.

Features –

Centralized Asset Database, Hosted in Cloud, Easy to Use, Data Security, Unlimited organization in one license, Highly flexible, Unlimited companies, Unlimited branches and location, Depreciation management, Asset lifecycle management, Disposal management, Centralized Asset database, Fixed assets, vendor management, Asset allocation, Audit trial, World-class customer support, Asset breakup, etc.

Advantages we should take from Asset Mantra are –

Discover all the assets in your network, manage and monitor the software as well as the hardware assets, manage the complete IT asset life-cycle, ensure the software license compliance, track purchases orders and contracts, know the total costs of ownership of an asset, track insurance and annual maintenance of assets, enable preventive maintenance, real-time depreciation value. Hence, these all are benefits can take place if we use Asset Mantra.

Industries they care to –

Manufacturing, hospitality, logistics, healthcare, event planners, education, etc.

Upcoming features –

Asset Mantra keeps trying to make the upcoming features, like bar-coding, barcode scanning, asset budgeting, physical verification, mobile apps, APIs, multilingual support, multi-shift depreciation and many more.

Moreover, Asset Mantra provides the support you need while you are on the use of the system to make sure problems free usage. It engages the world-class facilities like email, phone, live support, training, etc. It is worth using Asset Mantra during such a lockdown period as free access are given for three months.

Therefore, it is immensely beneficial for the business owners to run smooth business operations.

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