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How to Save Time & Money with Apparel ERP Software

garments erp software

Garment manufacturing is a complicated process that demands good team collaboration and tight coordination across the departments to smoothly run all its business operations and activities. Due to the lack of real-time management and knowledge of cost-saving, less data security, improper inventory management, apparel manufacturers are unable to meet their deadlines on time and fulfill business goals within budget. That is why implementing a garment ERP software is a must for them.

Garment manufacturing software or ERP software is an all-in solution that helps manufacturers to build strong coordination with each department (such as material suppliers, fabrics supplier, sampling, cutting, sewing, finishing, packaging, billing, shipment, distribution) and collaborate with the team members to better manage their garment manufacturing processes to achieve higher growth and revenue.

Here, we are going to discuss how using ERP software can benefit the apparel industry and save time and money. Let’s get started.

Reduce Process Cycle Time

There are various steps involved in the garment manufacturing process such as planning, designing, managing production, purchase orders, billing, shipment, to distribution. Managing all these complicated tasks manually will be risky and also take a lot of your time. 

ERP software is designed with advanced features that help apparel manufacturers to streamline and automate all their business processes in a systematic manner to improve performance and productivity. From generating orders automatically to track products in the route, this single solution is capable of handling all your business activities and managing operations in less time with efficiency.

Decrease Material Sourcing Process & Delivery Time

Material sourcing is one of the crucial parts of the garment manufacturing process. A  garment manufacturer should maintain the quality of raw materials as customers demand quality products. To meet the extensive customer demand, garment manufacturers are necessary to track and monitor their inventory and keep an eye on their resources and materials so that they can avoid problems of wasting valuable resources and deliver finished products at their destination on time. 

Without ERP software, material sourcing can be a challenging and time-consuming task for you. ERP gives you an overview of all your materials and resources, helps you to gain knowledge of inventory overflow or stockout, lets you manage materials as per orders, and allows you to make a prompt decision on time.

Minimize Time Spent on Admin Tasks

For every business, customers should be the first priority. The garment industry is not an exception. In order to keep a healthy relationship with customers, admins spent a lot of their time on administrative and business management tasks that are affecting the business and not generating new income.

With ERP software, apparel manufacturers can reduce administrative time spent on tasks and focus on other activities that help them to maximize profit for their business. ERP software comes with a dynamic database that allows you to keep all necessary information related to your customers and business partners including their names, email ids, addresses, phone numbers, documents in one place, allows you to answer their queries in real-time, update and store data, and many more. ERP means no manual processing, no paperwork, and no wastage of time.

Concluding Note

Implementing the right ERP software can benefit the apparel industry in many ways. It gives a 360-degree view of your business operations, helps you in real-time data tracking, enables you to understand your bottom-line costs, and make well-informed decisions regarding your business that ultimately allows you to meet your long and short-term business goals in the given time span and money. So, if you want to manage your apparel manufacturing business with good time management as well as in a cost-effective manner, hire the best apparel ERP software like “Garments Mantra” and continue to grow.

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