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Ghost Assets: What Are They & How to Remove Them

According to research by asset management resources, ghost assets can kill a business and have a scary impact on your productivity. It is really unfortunate that many organizations still do not know what a ghost asset is and how dreadful they are for their business. Ghost assets are present in all types of businesses and […]

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How to Save Time By Automating Asset and Inventory Management Process

Running a successful business is not easy. There are various factors that a company needs to look into to elevate the performance of its business. Especially when it comes to asset and inventory management, a business faces various challenges that are very difficult to deal with. Surprisingly, many companies still follow old methods and manage […]

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How Does Fixed Asset Management Software Help in Tracking Depreciation?

Every organization has valuable assets that they must account for accurate bookkeeping, managing workflow, and cost savings. It is important for the organization to take asset depreciation tracking seriously in order to increase the value of the financial processes. Moreover, it is also important for insurance and tax purposes. Fixed asset tracking is not easy. […]

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6 Best Fixed Asset Management Software

Fixed asset management software is an asset tracking tool that every business should implement in order to track, maintain, and manage its organizational assets in an effective way. This equipment management software also helps users to keep a record of their assets, manage depreciation and disposal of the assets, improve business efficiency, and more. Today […]

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Create Asset Reports with Asset Management System

Producing asset reports is a crucial part of your business. A fixed asset management software helps you to create various asset reports including inventory reports, employee asset reports, detailed maintenance reports, and more. Every report has its own significance and adds value to your organization. Assets are the most valuable items of your business as […]

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What is the Process of Asset Life Cycle?

Fixed asset management software is an asset tracking system that has the ability to understand and analyze the asset life cycle from planning to disposal. Today, we will discuss what the asset life cycle process is all about and why you should use a fixed asset management software to manage your organizational assets in an […]

fixed asset management software

Learn More About Fixed Asset Management Software

Fixed asset management software comes with a wide range of beneficial features that help businesses to manage their organizational fixed assets in a better and effective way. This software not only helps in asset tracking but also scans, verifies, and records each and every information of your fixed assets into one comprehensive database. Today we […]


Asset Mantra – Savior of businesses during Covid-19

COVID- 19 is an ongoing pandemic over everywhere the biggest disaster in the history of the world. Just shouting, lamenting and mourning everywhere. Before the novel corona virus, the entire Earth becomes helpless, which makes a great impact on the economy of each country in the world. So, we can understand what is happening around […]