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Character / Word Counter

Character / Word Counter

Words play an important part in our lives, and being a social animal has become a vital need for everyone. Today, we can live without natural oxygen and water, but we can’t live without writing onto social media. So what if your content exceeds the given limit? You might get stuck on where to edit from. Counting characters and words manually is not everyone’s cup of tea, but you can manage the given boundaries of writing by using character and word counter tools.

Are you messed up with your notes/essays / or paragraphs or wondering how to calculate words and character of your texts? You don’t need to worry about it here. From this page, you can instantly calculate words and characters by using our character/word counter tool from below.

If you scroll down on this page below, you can see two dialogue boxes containing a character counter and another one is a word counter. If you want to count your text’s character, you need to copy and paste your text over the character counter, and it will automatically show you the counts of characters.

Same as that, if you want to see your text’s word counts, you need to copy and paste your texts over the word counter dialogue box, and you are automatically able to see your texts’ word counts. This is a very simple step to calculate words and characters. So don’t waste your time. Try to avail our this free service tool.

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