Are you a Kidswear or Girls wear or Menswear garment manufacturer?

Do you visit your warehouse every day to see a list of reports piled up on your desk and call your production manager to understand the same? or Did you miss your delivery by a day because one of your job workers delayed the goods by two days?

If it sounds familiar to your daily routine then worry no more! Utilize the power of garment ERP software for aligning your business needs and solve all your problems.

Garment ERP software (also called as Apparel manufacturing software) is an end to end inventory and order management tool used in the garment manufacturing industry. This software is designed to maximize your profitability that helps in streamlining and optimizing your operational processes. This tool allows you to overcome your business challenges and improve the overall functionality of your business in a cost-effective manner.

Today on this page, we are going to learn more details about garment manufacturing software and how it benefits your business. 

Know More About Garment ERP Software

The apparel management software is a fully integrated purpose-built module that helps garment manufacturers in planning, designing, material, and production management to distribution. This software comes with a centralized database that allows you to gain real-time visibility of all your ongoing business processes and operations.

This system offers a broad range of features that enable garment manufacturers to scale up their business growth by allowing them to manage their inventory and production in a smarter way. The software is specifically designed for manufacturers to handle their customers better that allows them to gain real insights into their potential customers and analyze their behavior.

As this software is hosted in the cloud, you can get seamless access to your important data from any place at any time. This software is easy to use, super flexible, and hassle-free. The system is capable of handling all your complex business tasks including managing purchase orders, sales order, order fulfillment, reporting from one single platform.

This garment manufacturing ERP software offers an end to end solution for your garment manufacturing processes. From product manufacturing and development including material management, marking, cutting to order management, shipment management to product distribution, this software gives you full control over all your operations and makes your task management process easier and effortless.

In addition, this software provides you the freedom to generate one-click production reports such as purchase reports, sales reports, production reports, stock reports, and more. It also allows you to track your leads, customers, suppliers, and all your internal and external communications with them and helps you to maintain a healthy and prospective relationship with them.

This cloud-based software also helps you in payroll management by allowing you to check your employees’ attendance, availability, status, and improve your decision-making process based on their duty and performance. It also enables you to protect your valuable data, track and consolidate order reports, get an overview of your cost sheets, and more.

Concluding Note

Garment ERP software offers innumerable benefits for the garment manufacturing industry. This software is known for its superior flexibility, mobility, and easy accessibility which is perfect for the garment production industry and business owners of all sizes and types. So if you are looking for an apparel ERP software India to improve your day to day life and increase your turnover by growing your business, take the first step to choose the right software to start your journey.