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Garments Mantra is a trusted ERP software used by top apparel business companies across India.

Garments Mantra- End-to-End Inventory

& Production Management Software

Managing day to day business activities such as pre-production procedures, manufacturing, order processing can not be done manually. Especially, when the volume and variety of apparel products, orders, and sales are so huge in numbers. Garments Mantra simplifies your purchase management, inventory control, order management, customer relationship management, marketing management, and more so that you can streamline and operate your most complex and taxing processes. Garments Mantra helps you to improve sales performance, encourages customer engagement, automates communications, and maximizes productivity by creating intelligent marketing campaigns.

Centralized Database

Manage your business on a single platform.


Create professional design sketches, patterns for the entire collection.

Reports on the Go

Generate one-click production reports for cutting loading to order shipment.

Accelerate Order Fulfillment

Deliver products to customers in a timely manner.

Manage Product Lifecycle

Get full control of every aspect of your products- managing to distribution

Consolidated Order Reports

Track order reports from a consolidated scale down to the per-transaction level.

We Help You

to Gain Effective Control on Your Apparel Manufacturing Process

Easy Accessibility

Our customizable profile based dashboards allow you to get daily updates on key business areas and help you to make smarter decisions as per your business needs.

Offer Superb Flexibility

We offer fast & hassle-free customization to match your business process. You can gain complete visibility of your business from start to finish.

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Why Should You Choose Garments Mantra?

Garments Mantra is fast to implement, easy to use, proven to deliver significant and measurable improvements in delivery, productivity, inventory, speed, and cost. It is highly visual and flexible and designed with an intuitive user interface and a wide range of attractive features that make this software unique as well as more effective for your business.

Get Real-time Updates
into your inventory
Manage Purchase Orders
Maintain Sales Order
Production Management
View Cost Sheets Lot Wise
Customer Relationship Management
Manage Payroll
100+ Customizable Reports
Data Security
Get Hold of each
activity done by the user
Detailed Quality
Control Features
Kids Wear Manufacturers
Men’s Wear Manufacturers
Women’s Wear Manufacturers
Merchant Exporters

Who Can Use Garments Mantra?

We offer tailor-made ERP solutions that are specifically designed for the small to midsize apparel industry. Our platform helps businesses from style development to product manufacture to buyer distribution. Garments Mantra is a cloud-based software that allows you to collaborate with your creative teams and to deliver the products on time and at the right costs. This software improves communications and control and helps in cut planning to complete order tracking to integrate reports.

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We Provide Instant Solution & Support to Our Clients

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Benefits of Garments Mantra

  • Streamline manufacturing facilities
  • Integrate all aspects of your business process- from concept to consumer.
  • Provide total operational overviews.
  • Reducing the risk of human errors.
  • Improve collaboration and networking.
  • Managing cost savings.
  • Management of receipts and payments.
  • Allowing process automation to improve productivity.
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Want to Know More About the Upcoming Features of Garments Mantra?

Our expert team members put their best efforts to implement and update new features so that you can achieve a better return on investments. Our latest features allow you to process quick orders, streamline the transaction process, and other aspects of the sales process with ease.

Mobile App for the management
Mobile App for sales team for booing orders on the go
Mobile App for your customers
AI-based Insights

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