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We are a leading provider in online clinic management system software. Our customizable medical practice management system includes Patient Care Management, Mobile App, Schedule Online Appointments, Secured Messaging, Portals, eBilling, Insurance, Accounting. We are complete medical practice management system best suitable for medical clinics, individual medical practitioners, and third-party medical billing companies. It is developed based on the best practices around the world.

We have a professional team of Software Developers, Sales, and Marketing & Support personnel dedicated to the development products for India’s health care sector. Our goal is to improve the healthcare experience for all humanity.

Clinic Management Software Services we offer

Appointment reminders While booking online appointments the system gives you a reminder on the date the appointment is fixed.

Access clinic from anywhere This system is easily accessible to anywhere through the application and internet.

Prescription printout Provides printouts of soft copy documents.

Simplicity The whole system is user-friendly as it can be accessed by all types of people

Clinic management system software features

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) EMR records all the data and documents of patients digitally rather than paper work. It maintains strong confidential records. Covers all aspects such as chief complaints, investigations, observations, treatments, clinical reminders, diagnosis and follow up plans. It has low risk and also quick access in finding old records.

Insurance CMS is more secure as it configures insurance providers with multiple schemes and policies based pricing for services. Bundle claims for each policy for easier processing. Up to date of tracking of claims raised, and also aging reports.

Patient Encounter This feature tracks and manages the patient encounter before they visit. Patient check-in software modules generate electronic intake forms for them to fill out prior to their visit. It saves time of the patient. Once patients arrive, they can check in electronically, and their wait times are tracked by the system to gather metrics for performance analysis.

Medical Billing Online clinic management system offer billing modules that reduce the stress of the revenue cycle management process. This feature manages patient accounts to keep a record of all past and present payment information and diagnoses. When a patient checks in, medical billing modules verify insurance eligibility to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Benefits of clinic management system software

paper less
Paperless system Paperless work system is one the greatest advantage of doctor clinic management software. This software system totally works on digital basis where you do not need to maintain the records or risk on losing it, whereas digital system has effective workflows, doesn’t occupy unnecessary spaces, easier and quick access.

Easier and Quicker Access to Patient’s Records and Other Data In the medical department what matters most is analyzing data and keeping the records of every patients for currents and future needs . Previously the paper records had a lot of issues of keeping records of so many patients’ locations places keeping appointments etc. Clinical data management system solved thus problems as it introduces a whole digital system where there will be no risk in tear or fear of documents.
save time
Save time The simple intuitive patient dashboard allows quick access to medical details and patient history. View key vital trends, treatment plans and test reports on a single screen and get critical information at a glance and also old records of patients can be accessed quickly with clinical management system.

Patient Satisfaction One of the most valuable features of clinic management software is scheduling. Patients only get satisfied when they get quick and better service with hassle free system. With the clinic appointment management system patients can now book appointments easily whenever they want and whatever time it is. There will be no difficulties n waiting in lines on clinics and hospital to wait for your turn to come neither the process takes a lot of time.

Better accuracy Electronic health records are error-free. It eliminates the chances of mistakes done by us. It is one of the important elements of healthcare centers. Clinic record management system offers billing modules that reduce the stress of managing the revenue cycle process.

Flexible payment system The payment part is the most hectic one in this whole system. Mapping different insurance clients for credit customers eliminates confusion and error in billing, making it easier for cashier to handle the complexities. Previously most people used to pay in cash but this digital system provides you online payment which requires less time and no issues are created and also easy to keep records plus it is secured as well.

Our clinic management services provide all types of doctors and clinics for different patients like dental clinic, eye clinic, and physiotherapy clinics. Our systems also involves keeping up to date large sets of data including lists of diagnosis and procedures, lists of insurance companies, referring physicians, providers, facilities, and much more.

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