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Custom Healthcare

Software Development

At Rebin, as a leading digital healthcare software development company we build healthcare software products to help our clients for the growing technical needs of the healthcare industry.

We fully provide digital capabilities to address patient needs in a better, collaborative and efficient way, while complying with all healthcare standards. The function of our healthcare development services is to deliver better medical services with the help of technologies.

We act as a backbone to the healthcare departments to save lives and nurture health with unique software built according to the finest development technologies.

Why choose us?

We are one of the most trusted servicing companies when it comes to healthcare industry with better and quick services and technologies like building the entire back-end system. Our professional team is expertise in the best healthcare application for your business. We are different from other healthcare systems as we focus on:

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All-in-one healthcare ecosystems where we are engage in content-rich medical staff portals with sophisticated access control, tracing care journeys via holistic health profiles.
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Data security Fine-grained and role based security with testing penetration.
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Focuses on usability and ease of use Disability-conscious design for patient-facing systems, also Clean, interfaces designed for more efficiency.

Our Healthcare Software Services

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Web Application Development We provide new technology solution for adaptive business growth, so we provide web application development that can that automates business process and also provides ROI to tech- investments. This application helps to delivery systems are responsible for providing health services for patients, persons, families, communities and populations.
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UI/UX Designing With the use of User Interface and User Experience services we provide designs and graphics to the application in such manner that it might be quality of care, patient safety, and ROI across healthcare organizations. Ux and UI designs plays a major role in the usability of healthcare i.e. establishing best practices and patterns for data analytics and visualizations.
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EMR/EHR solutions With EMR/EHR services we provide easy efficiency so that your end users will get easy accessibility to doctors easily and also their patient’s gets security, health information exchange and optimize costs. Our EMR/EHR solution provide services like E-prescriptions system, Customer EMR/EHR software development and personal health record software.
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Patient Satisfaction One of the most valuable features of clinic management software is scheduling. Patients only get satisfied when they get quick and better service with hassle free system. With the clinic appointment management system patients can now book appointments easily whenever they want and whatever time it is. There will be no difficulties n waiting in lines on clinics and hospital to wait for your turn to come neither the process takes a lot of time.
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Healthcare Information exchange Healthcare Software solutions enables in providing secure and reliable medium for healthcare information exchange. This service mainly provides latest information which are easily accessible and flexible. Our HIE services are HIE interface development, HIE management solutions and HIE standard compliance.
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Hospital and practice management software We are here to manage, monitor and optimize hospital related issues and managing them with most efficient ways. This system contains systems that allow users to enter and track patients, schedule and track patient appointments. By using a PMS( practice management software)

we also involves keeping up to date large sets of data including lists of diagnosis and procedures, lists of insurance companies, referring physicians, providers, facilities, and much more.

Hospital Software Solutions

We provide all healthcare solutions to the healthcare segment. The solutions we include are:
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Clinic Management System Clinic Management System allows medical professionals and experts to manage their fertility clinics with ease while ensuring optimal use of their resources. Patient management, diagnostics, and therapy are simplified with our solution which takes care of the individual requirements.
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Patient Appointment Booking Systems Patient Appointment Booking Systems is powerful, flexible, and easy to use. This system is user friendly as it provides easy accessibility to the end users, so that they don’t find difficulties while accessing our page and also it will bookings will be quick and easy.
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End to End Healthcare aggregator This system helps in making connection between patients, doctors, laboratories etc. Connection is now easy with just one application. Doctors can connect patients, patients can connect doctors, medical stores can connect patients, and patients can connect medical stores.
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Key benefits of healthcare software applications:

tik icon We provide accurate, up-to-date, and complete information about patients.

tik icon Easier access to healthcare data. Documents and data online, also allowing employees to search within electronic documents.

tik icon Fully use of technologies i.e. E-prescriptions etc. paperless work and hence low risk.

tik icon Improved patient satisfaction. Due to standardized workflows and smooth features like instant accessibility to patient records and history of medical treatment, medical providers can work more effectively. Hence, helps in improves patient satisfaction.

tik icon The greatest advantage is that most healthcare development app emphasis on low gadgets used people so that they might understand it easily. Hence, it is user-friendly.

tik icon Information and data of every medical data whether it is of doctors, patients or medical stores are kept confidential.

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