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Rebin Infotech is a professional web development company based in Kolkata, India. We develop every website in its own unique way. We approach for client oriented services with seamless communication and activities. We not only write codes; we help you with the designing, development, testing, and maintenance of your website.

As a custom website development company we work with strong professional team of designers and developers who helps to build a powerful and engaging websites. We excel in creating various custom cms, .net websites from scratch which includes complex web applications, membership websites, eCommerce and much more.

Our Website Development Process

As a web development agency we follow proven steps to develop websites

Strategy Making Before starting any designing a pre-planning is needed with proper strategies. A proper website is developed with few strategies which includes goals, purpose, target audience.

Planning After making a proper strategy, they are used in planned and gather all relevant information to plan a proper website development. Such planning includes the entire main and sub topics.

Design Next comes the designing part where all the visual representation is delivered in this stage. Designing gives a shape to the website. Mock-ups, Reviews and approvals.

Web Development In these process complex codes will be written to create a functional website. All the designing process ends here while the main programing, coding parts starts.

Launch When all the above processes are done then it’s time to launch the website for the public to view. Before launching a website double check is required this prevents any end time issues. Also requires documentation and guides to the customer for their convenience.

Maintenance Now that the website has been launched the process doesn’t end here maintaining the website after being live is the most vital process in web development. Maintenance of a website demands time and attention at regular intervals.

Industries Rebin works For

Business to Business

Affordable web development services

Custom web development We to build its web solutions. It has its unique needs and one solution may not fit all the bills. Custom web development benefits in Centralized and reliable data storage, Familiar interface to all employees and completely custom features & functionality.

Content Management System Content management systems (CMS), such as Wordpress allow the owners to publish, present edit and modify A CMS gives direct access to the content on your web site.

Custom Ecommerce Development Our Team Focuses On creating custom eCommerce websites with latest and reliable technologies that our users can count on. Give your users the best eCommerce experience with us.

Web Development Application Frameworks

Frameworks are based on client’s needs and preferences keeping in mind a successful web presence and also a scope for future growth. It includes
.NET MVC Framework

Web development technologies

We are expertise in few technologies which includes
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.Net Development .Net developer delivers unique solutions tailored to each client's needs. It is a versatile framework built to run on Microsoft used to power web, desktop, and mobile applications.
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CMS Development Effective CMS development is all about matching client requirements using user interface. But we provide both usability and features using CMS development. Features of web design includes content quickly, alter design using templates, and a hierarchy of user seniority designations.
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Mobile App Development Services Customers demand more than a website ,they want to be able to conduct transactions, make appointments, preview products or services, and do it all with easy access rather than functioning on desktop and that easy access is mobile. Work with a mobile app development company in India with the experience, and creativity to make your app memorable, fast.
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Wordpress We offer WordPress website development services with focusing on originality, flexibility, unique, high-quality product that other WordPress developers cannot match with. Custom Wordpress development companies are preferred because one can make the most of the latest technologies.
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