I take this opportunity to thank Nitesh of “Rebin Infotech” for assisting me to build my dynamic travel website “Farsight.travel”. Getting a dynamic Holiday website was a long-sought dream of mine just full of ideas without any planning or execution. Here, where Nitesh’s expertise in his technology domain helped me in transforming my dream into reality.
Earlier I had couple of not so good situation with other developers when tried getting my ideas compiled into technological codes, because I was looking for a perfect end result & as per my requirements which most of today’s technology partners fails to adhere to despite of their commitments post kick starting the project. I was initially skeptical in reconsidering getting this invaluable project re-developed but then am glad that Nitesh refueled the project and even ensured that he was available as & when I had any clarification or requested for any kind of modifications without any sight of discomfort at his end.
I had a wonderful time with Nitesh & his team during the entire phase of the project and he took utmost care of the minutest needs & collaborated it with his professional guidance.
I would strongly recommend Nitesh and Rebin Infotech to all the fellow members of our BNI chapter and am sure that each and every member would surely get benefitted with his exceptional knowledge in the field of technological automation and his ability to get the project delivered as per one’s requirement with a big SMILE.
Thank you, Nitesh, for making my life simple in getting the project developed exactly in a way I was looking for.

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