Feedback: There were a lot of ERP software available in the market but I was not satisfied with most of them and some of those who served the purpose were not user friendly. Then after looking hard for a qualified person to make me my ERP I met Nitesh and he assured me that he can get the job done.
I am very happy with Garments Mantra and even more than that the real satisfaction is with Nitesh and the Rebin team’s service quality which is really commendable. Always there to serve and listen to the client and their needs, ultimately leading to get the job done. After this we have been working on multiple things and the experience has been of a learning one. I would recommend Nitesh and team to anyone without batting an eyelid.
Garments mantra has a very friendly and easy to use Interface which is getting the job done. Plus the mobile app and CRM features are taking it ahead of all the other available products in the market currently.

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