Do you want to successfully manage your warehouse and keep your inventory organized properly? Are you facing challenges in excessive order fulfillment or inadequate or extra material purchases?

Implement a garment manufacturing software to automate the processes and meet the changes to successfully run your business.

Apparel or Garment ERP  a multi-module application software that helps garment manufacturers in managing their workflow and management of processes. It helps them to overcome the business challenges that they face each day. From manufacturing to distribution, this ERP software enables companies to handle all their complicated tasks effortlessly. That is why the adoption of ERP in the garment industry is essential.

Here, we are going to elaborate on how ERP software can benefit the apparel industry or a manufacturer. Let’s look at the following points.

1. Streamline Business Processes

There are various processes involved in garment manufacturing. From managing raw materials, designing, production management to distribution, a garment manufacturing company has to maintain all of these processes in order to meet their business-specific needs. Managing these complex processes is challenging without the assistance of an apparel ERP software.

An ERP software will provide you the ability to efficiently manage all your business processes such as material management, order management, purchase management, and many more from one single point. This all in one solution helps you to pay attention to the material counting, inventory management, manufacturing processes, printing, packing and allows you to streamline all processes across departments from beginning to end.

2. Inventory Management 

In the apparel industry, every single piece of clothing is important. Any fabric lost is net profit lost. A garment manufacturing company produces garments in different styles, colors, and sizes that are needed to be tracked at each level of processing. This makes the inventory humongous and forces you to keep a lot of things in the mind at one go. That is why garment ERP software is essential to implement for garment manufacturing companies.

ERP software helps companies to manage their inventory efficiently. It provides functionality to merchandisers to run multiple reports on the go that helps the management organize their inventory as per their size, color, style, price, vendor, location, warehouse, etc. This software also enables them to update the order of items, track stock availability, and fulfill orders within the date and time.

3. Customer Relationship Management

This ERP solution allows manufacturers to communicate with their customers seamlessly. The software is designed with a customer-centric approach that helps them to gain real-time information about their customers and understand their behavior and demand. This garment manufacturing system also helps you to improve collaboration and networking and track all the internal and external communications with customers and dealers to boost engagement and sales.

4. Payments & Billing 

Managing various clients and multiple orders is not easy. A garment manufacturing company has to deal with numerous clients, brokers, agents, job workers (makers), and many more. Keeping track of invoicing, generating bills, and receipts for the products and services within different price ranges become difficult and tiresome for the job workers. ERP software offers easy handling of payments, flexible billing, and allows employees to generate bills and receipts for products and customers with proper payment information and makes their job easier.

5. Seamless Access & Data Security

As Garments Mantra – an ERP software for the Garment manufacturing industry is cloud-based, it gives your employees effective control on data that they can access from any device and place. It keeps all your valuable data related to sales, purchases, employee, cost, etc in a secure server and protects from data security issues.

Wrapping Up

The world is changing. With the rise of the latest tools and technologies, our perception will continue to grow and change. The time has come to implement new solutions to support our business operations to increase growth and revenue. So if you are in the garment industry and want to elevate your business growth, find the best garment manufacturing company in India to implement ERP software and achieve long term benefits and profits for your garment manufacturing business.