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Change Text Case

Change Text Case is a handy web application that enables you to change the text case of any given text. Simply copy and paste the text into the text area below and click the required text case. This text case is an important tool which allows you to effortlessly change any text to lowercase, UPPER CASE or even Capitalize Each Word, which is great for titles.

Do you want to change various text cases or you are wondering how to use change text cases? You don’t need to worry about it here. From this page, you can change the text cases with one click. Scroll down on this page below. You can see a dialogue box where you can type or paste your content and click on “sentence case”, “lower case”, “Upper case”, “capitalised case”, “alternating case”, “Title case”, “Inverse case”, “Download text”, “Copy To Clipboard” any of this button as per your requirement, your text’s cases changes will be automatically generated and displayed. This is a quite simple step which you have to complete to change the text cases. Go ahead and use our free service tool.

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