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HelpSales- Customer Relationship Management Software

Every company needs to store and manage customer and prospect information in a centralized database to boost lead volume, close faster deals, and keep the sales team up to date and to act on immediately. HelpSales is a robust customer relationship management software through which companies can manage all their internal and external communications and interactions with the customers to achieve their business success. By using this effective tool, you can identify sales opportunities, manage prospects, secure customers leading to higher sales & revenue generation from a single location.

Centralized Lead Database

Maintain all data from a centralized repository.

Hosted in the Cloud

Zero hassles when it comes to maintenance.

Audit Logs

Track every activity of your users increasing accountability.

Advanced Task Planner

Ease your daily routine via an advanced task planner.

Unlimited Users

Invite as many users as you want across your organization.

Dynamic Dashboards

Dashboards & reports that will help you gain useful insights.

We Help You Build Relationships with Your Leads

Smart Communication

We make your business communications seamless and efficient. From communicating with your customers on designated day/time and delivering a good customer experience.

Highly Flexible

We provide a customized dashboard, easy access, clear visibility to data, and make forecasting simple and more accurate. On top of this, we help you view data in the way you want making it flexible to continue using your own methods.

Why Should You Choose HelpSales?

If you want to build strong relationships with your colleagues or suppliers, and provide support and additional services to your customers as well as to service users throughout your business lifecycle, HelpSales will be the ideal tool for you. This CRM system comes with a wide range of beneficial features that improve customer satisfaction and maximize agent productivity at any scale. HelpSales is an amalgamation of the latest technologies and tools required for the sales team to run a progressive business.


Project Follow-Ups

Organize all your valuable data and leads in a centralized location and help your team to follow up with individual deadlines, goals, outputs, conversion rates, and more for continued success.


Nurture Prospects

Engage your target audience by creating an assortment of targeted content, use multi-channel lead nurturing techniques, and maintain a sense of delight throughout every stage of the buyer’s journey.


Manage Projects

Add essential direction and leadership to the projects, give full visibility of the project to your team, monitor and set deadlines, balance available resources with a realistic schedule, and bring clear objectivity.


Maintain Leads

Provide a centralized process to capture and retain lead information, sort them based on criteria, and hand them off to your sales team to turn leads into paying customers.


Automate Communications

Keep your customer’s contact details up to date, consolidate communication channels from various platforms, and maximize sales opportunities through automated communication with customers.


Data Security

Keep all your customer data secure, backed up, and confidential, track and monitor logins from the Setup tab, minimize the risk of internal data theft, and more.

Who Uses HelpSales CRM Software?

HelpSales can be used by any type of business that has sales, marketing, and billing teams. We offer our proven solutions to various industries who want to increase efficiency and customer care – retail industry, insurance, consulting, health, and more.

Scale-up Your Business Processes with HelpSales. Sell Smarter, Better, and Faster

How Can HelpSales
Put Your Sales Team on the Fast Track?

HelpSales supports your sales team in many ways and makes their job easier.

HelpSales for Sales People

HelpSales CRM features allow the sales team to work less and sell more.

HelpSales for Sales Leaders

Easy to use software that tracks sales and updates reports automatically.

HelpSales for Marketers

This robust software helps in email marketing and to grow and nurture your database.

HelpSales for Business Owners

This software makes things easier and tracks and organizes your contacts in one powerful, user-friendly database.

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